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Survival Radio

Survival Radio

Prepare for any disaster with our certified National Weather Service emergency radio. Designed for tornadoes, tsunamis, wildfires, hurricanes, and snowstorms. Stay informed with AM/FM/SW radio, NOAA weather alerts, and shine a light on uncertainty with the built-in LED flashlight and reading lamp. This survival tool's SOS alarms, 116dB alarm button, and red flashing light provide a lifeline in critical moments. With 5 power sources, including hand crank, solar panel, USB input, rechargeable battery, and AAA batteries, you're guaranteed uninterrupted operation. Charge your devices through the USB output port. Trust this radio to keep you connected and safe in every adventure!


  • Certified by the National Weather Service
  • AM/FM/SW radio and NOAA weather alerts
  • LED flashlight and reading lamp
  • SOS alarms and 116dB alarm button
  • 5 power sources: hand crank, solar panel, USB input, rechargeable battery, AAA batteries
  • USB output port for device charging

"This radio saved us during a power outage. The SOS alarm and multiple power sources are a game-changer!" - Emily S.

Elevate your safety measures now! Get the Emergency Survival Radio and embrace preparedness.

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